The Never Ending Snow Day

January 14, 2008
By Rachael Diamond, Hopatcong, NJ

Children will pray
Just for one day
Let it snow
And for school to close
In front of freezers they will dance
With inside out pj tops and pants
Some never care if it adds on more school days
Just to miss school and be in bed to stay
Snowball fights and snow men
Angels made by little children
Hot chocolate to melt their frozen hands
Then back to that wintery wonderland
But in the very small town of Frebain
Every child young and old wish for no more rain.
They all decide to make a wish at the same time
Filing up in lines
With their pj’s inside out
They all do their special dance all about
Singing into the cold night air
Waling for snow in despair
In the end not a flake has fallen
Maybe it will never snow ever again
But by 3 in the morning
The weather change without warning
When children awoke and look outside
My did they go teary-eyed
News flashes flood their screens
No school for the day for the outside scene
Snow falling to the ground
Two feet at least surrounding everything all around
Quickly tying up their boots and jackets too
They run about doing things what they always wanted to do
Snow men and endless snowball fights
Snow angels and sleigh riding till the fall of night
Happy of their day
They go home and instantly hit the hay
But when they awoke to tomorrow
Everyone was outside when they heard no
No school again
You should have seen those kids ran
Two days go by and still no school
Maybe this snow is becoming un-cool
A week goes by and still no learning
The kids start yearning
Why won’t it stop they cry
Make the snow go bye bye
They all wish for no more snow
And back to school they go
No more snow they plea
That’s what everyone agree
So when they to bed that night
They all prayed and hoped with all their might
Stop all the snowing
And start all the plowing
An endless night of non stop wishing and prayer
Well with a gust of warm air
The roads begin to melt away
But some of the snow stays I must say
When children awoke they were full of glee
They’re coming back to school you just wait and see
But the irony you must intake
That today was their last day of school before winter break

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