Those Summer Days

January 14, 2008
Sizzle, that’s all you hear at the beach.
The sand, so hot, it feels like your feet are on fire.
It’s summer, and all you want to do is chill at the beach with your friends.
Good looking-girls walking by,
and all I can say is,
“She’s fine”.

It’s summer,
And you don’t want to wake up for work.
Mom says “Don’t worry, you’ll go out with your buddies after work.
Parents just don’t understand.

My birthday is in July,
And my friends come to pick me up at 10, to take me to the cub’s game.
So excited, and happy to be with my friends were off the Wrigley.
I see Nick, Joey, and Tim.
Nick cracks us up, with his cartoon noises.

It’s summer,
And all you want to do is remember those great summer days.
But there is a thought in the back of your head.
That I’ll need to trade in my beach towel,
For a backpack, and
Summer is almost over, and school is almost here.

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