January 14, 2008
Satin slippers, with limbs of ribbon
edges frayed from time and use
Countless hours wasted practicing precise dance forms that audiences will never truly appreciate.
Her bone structure screams for
freedom from regimented rehearsals and
strict standards.
She longs for a stage under soft, twinkling lights where her
emotions guide her movements; where
and instructors and not needed.
She longs for the day where
any one can showcase their soul through movement
without the looming fear of heavy
and harsh criticism.
Her individuality will be praised;
her spirited will be longed for among those who watch with
adoring eyes.
They will glide past one another,
like leaves in a summer breeze.
Toes pointed, ribbons laced
and spotlights casting soft circles
on the bare, dusty stage.

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