All in Time

February 22, 2011
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The sun rises, then sets again in the never ending sky
The tears dry up, then fall again
For a different reason why
The moss creeps across the stone
Carefully blanketing its new home
In glowing green
Soft, Serene
Pure as falling snow
An open wound spills blood again
Then morphs into a snow white scar
The playground where our children once played
Is torn down to build a bar
A cancerous mother gently rocked
Her three year old twins to sleep
And then knelt down
And told the Lord that
It was her life, she wished to keep
Yet in the morning when she did not wake
And her sons began to cry
Her husband stared at her peaceful form
And screamed to the world "WHY!"
There once was a suicidal teen
With a head full of copper curls
Now she is the old lady across the street
Who gives cookies to the boys and girls
Time healed the wound
Time helped the girl
Time waited for the moss to grow
Yet why time was stolen
From the woman and her family…
We shall never know
Time holds us captive
Times sets us free
Time is the lock
And time is the key
Time makes us strong
And time makes us weak
Time is forever
Time brings us together
Time never stops moving
Just like the sea

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