February 28, 2011
By BrandonD BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
BrandonD BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
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Do you feel like a feather floating in the wind,
getting pushed and pulled slim chance of coming back again,
feel like you've lost control all sense of direction,
sometimes in life the only need for correction,
to take back hold of the lives we once had,
to stop hiding ourselves and feeling so sad,
light that fire inside you that has gone cold,
let it explode from within and break the mold,
let the passions explore each and every pore,
take the key turn it in the lock and break it off in the door,
let it stand wide open and everything pour out,
so much so that there should almost be a drought,
of ideas and creativity inside of yourself,
believe that you are a brand that belongs on the top shelf,
be the one everyone looks at and says,
"they express themselves in so many ways",
bring fourth those feelings of standing out from the rest,
when it comes down to it you don't have to be the best,
just be the one that's happy doing what your doing,
that way in the end it will be peaceful and soothing,
to say that you were a feather floating in the wind,
but you lit that fire that brought you back again.

The author's comments:
i hope anyone who reads this poem will interpret it any way they feel it can be interpretd. its all about how you feel and whats in your own heart that needs to spark a flame.

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