January 14, 2008
We used to be close,
Goofing off, having fun.
We were inseparable,
The four of us were

Pandu was our friend,
She was so incredible that, at times,
We wondered whether she was even human.
Nikhi is my sister,
One of the best I’d have to say.
Bhavana’s my cousin,
But she’s more than just that.
She’s someone I’ve known forever.
She’s another sister and best friend.

Every weekend we’d meet,
Do whatever we liked.
We danced, skated, made up games,
And sometimes simply talked.
It wasn’t just us,
Or parents were best friends too.
They’d talk for hours on end,
Whether on the phone or in person,
They didn’t care.
We’d all go to movies.
Haunted mansions and things too

But then things changed.
We grew apart.
We looked for a reason,
An answer, an explanation
But we found none,
For there wasn’t one.
We’d simply changed,
And there was nothing
We could do.

Now we’re a threesome,
Bhavana, Nikhi, and I.
We’re glad to have each other,
But we imagine how great it’d be
If Pandu was still our best friend.

We still see her sometimes,
At parties and some functions,
But it’s never been the same.
We still talk and laugh and play,
But there’s a wall between us now.
We’ve pretended it’s not there,
Ignoring it, trying to get around,
But at some point, we’ll have to face
The fact that it’s there to stay.

Something had changed between us.
We’re not nearly so close anymore.
Somehow we’ve drifted apart.
She’s gone her way,
And we’ve gone ours.
And I guess that’s the way
It was meant to be.

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