I Am

January 14, 2008
By Stacey Schweinfurth, Brockport, NY

I am a star
shining, glimmering, and sparkling
when the light subsides,
I shine my best

I am an ant
small, yet strong
with the ability to carry
great capacities on my back
Never letting it weigh me down

I am a tree
standing tall and firm
roots deep in the ground
providing a solid foundation
prepared to survive any storm
Coming out after each taller than before

I am a butterfly
beautiful and unique
free to fly anywhere I choose
across the sun or over the moon
I can accomplish anything
With wings of strength and endurance

I am the wind
peacefully blowing in all directions
carrying seeds obtaining unborn life
yet dangerous
with the violent ability to destroy,
and break the most solid foundations

I am the beaming rays of the golden sun
sitting high in the sky
the radiant light that shines
every single morning
no matter what happened

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