March 10, 2011
By Country_Boy SILVER, Junction, Texas
Country_Boy SILVER, Junction, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm your huckleberry." Doc Holiday

She was once blessed
under God she stood
hoping the best
for all who would.

Fighting for freedom
against all foes
crying for reason
when they arose.

Through outnumbered
even overpowered
they never quit fighting
until the final hour.

Jeff Davis stood for her,
while Robert E. Lee backed her
many a man loved her
though so many died for her.

Though she is dead to the world,
to many she lives on.
We'll never forget the words
until our final breath is done.

The South will rise again
Twas said by many a'man
That thought lives on
Across all the land.

Dixie is the name
the one that once thrived
suffering much pain
unable to survive.

Always remembered
never forgotten
never surrender
though ill-gotten.

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