Complicated Love

January 13, 2008
By Kara Kachele, Solon, OH

When has love ever been so complicated?
When you see the only one,your heart
flutters and your day is brighter. When
you tell your best friends about him,
there is hurt and relief. They might
criticize or laugh, but you have to tell someone it's ripping you apart inside. You have no choice
When you see your crush smile, it kills you and you die happy. When he talks, you just want to scream "I LOVE YOU". But you can't. What would people say? "OMG, you know that girl Kara? Yeah well she likes him". Like love is a sin, a crime, an act of the devil. People should really grow up, get the facts straight, and not tlak about what they do and do not understand.
Love makes the world go 'round. You might get over your crush, but you can't destroy love. Love is an energy, a pride, a passion. But what is so great about love? Love doesn't keep you warm. It doesn't provide food or shelter. It doesn't give you money or clothes. But what people don't understand is the fact that love is everything and anything.

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