Long Journey Away From Home

January 13, 2008
By Amanda Schmitz, Barrington, IL

Once upon a moonlit path
Walking slowly towards the light
Bending down to smell the roses
The sweet emanation overtaking my body
Tripping, I stumble towards
A man who is not there
He leads me to a field
The world begins to spin
Losing sense of self
Letting go of all I know
I suddenly realize
That I do not know who I am
Or where I may be going
When I leave
Who will I become
What contribution to society
Will I do to benefit the world
Lost and confused
My limp body begins to twist and spiral
As I fall
The colors and shapes around me
Are blurred, unintelligible
Not knowing what is reality
But that’s alright
I'll be fine
Soon some day life will make sense again

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