Did I Tell You

January 13, 2008
By Keelie Winslow, Boxford, MA

Did I tell you I miss you today?
But I mostly miss you every day.
Did I tell you I love you today?
Even though you’re gone I love you still.
Did I tell you what you lost today?
You lost your life.
Did I ask you why today?
Why did you take your life today?
Did you tell us you loved us before you left?
You didn’t have to, we already knew you did.
Did you know your children are growing distant?
We’re trying to hold onto them.
Did you think about not leaving them?
You probably did but you left them anyways.
Did I tell you I am mad today?
I’m mad you left us with this chaos.
Did I tell you we don’t know if it’s going to be okay?
Give us some guidance, we’re all so vulnerable.
Did I tell you I miss you today?

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