Life in 60 Seconds

January 13, 2008
Amidst the pain and chaos,
A bundle of tranquility.
Stopping wet, sticky, and caked
With blood, a new life emerges
From the womb.

With every flying year
Comes new growth.
Sobbing sneaks out of
A parent’s bedroom.
A friend laughs heartily
In a sea of empty faces.
Every minute, something new
That molds the clay mass of life
Into a unique, full-grown human.

Eyes are heavy and lids worn thin.
Skin is stretched over tired bones
And sleeping muscles.
A dim lamp illuminates the
Aged carpet and
Weathered furniture of the
Near-empty room.
Eyes close.

Nothing but joy.
All around, swirls of color and
Mists of love float through
Bright and endless space.
Eyes are not needed,
Sights fill the heart with bliss
Without ever being looked upon.
A warm embrace is felt
Even when apparently alone.
It never lets go.

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