Loneliness Cave

January 13, 2008
By Justin Smith, North Barrington, IL

Darkness burns the eyes as it swallows the soul.
Silence echoes loudly off the slimy cave walls.
Black pools of unknown water rest amongst the rocks.
Nary a sound is heard but the distant dripping of water droplets
Drip... Drip... Drip...
In Loneliness Cave, you have no voice. The emptiness of
your throat clutches at your heart and tears at your being.
In Loneliness Cave, you have no identity. You are the
darkness in which you reside, and the darkness is you.

Years ago I found my way into Loneliness Cave, and have been here since. There are very few ways to get out of Loneliness Cave, and most people who enter can't find their way back.
Even though men lie together in Loneliness Cave, they
never take notice that they are not alone. The darkness
eats away at them, the silence engulfs them like
a rushing wave of fury, trapping them within.

Trudging through the abyss that is Loneliness Cave,
the journy goes on and on. The wide, empty
spaces with torment in the air, the stiffness
of the atmosphere, clouding all sense, the narrow
passageways that tighten and squeeze, the
temperature of the cave, that chills the heart
and devours the soul.

If you ever find yourself in this desolate place,
do not be discouraged.
There is an escape; freedom lies in even the most horrid of places.
To see the way out, simply open yourself up and release your fire within.
With our inner fires combined as one, Loneliness Cave
reveals its every out.

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