Past and Future - Found Dichotomies

June 16, 2008

they spread beyond control
brewing resistance
move into residential areas
forced people to hunt.
We’re back to the 18th century.

Dating back to 1940
Rapid population growth.

In 1984,
the next killer

Since at least 1959,
much of the Amazon is under pressure
gains a 2.4 percent population increase yearly.
“That’s bad news.”

eating or being attacked

All it takes
is a chimpanzee.


Metallic giant
Mechanical beast
roasts the joint
stronger, faster soldier
extraordinary strength and endurance
machine comes to life

The flame-throwing monster?
Star of the superhero, fantastical abilities
a hero born of pure engineering

Outrace a jet
impervious to enemy fire
speed, agility, strength, and endurance
Lift five tons
Walk into bullets
Heal wounds automatically

More professor then madman
“A complete waste of money, time, and resources.”
Disney is just as demanding as the military

Ping-Pong-playing humanoid ‘bot
singing, mechanical toucans
“Humans run on carrots ”

Vigilante justice by a half-man, half-robot
Turn you into Hercules
Blast off through the roof
Weekend warriors using exoskeletons
The robot revolution.

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