Broken and Unspoken

June 15, 2008
By Kelsey Faybik, Kirkville, IA

Once there was a rose rooted in a magical meadow
full of daisies and lilies
and the other meadows dreamed of her beauty
the flowers around her would wilt
to allow her only the best sunlight
the grass refused to grow near her
for fear that their weeds would choke her
and the trees would shade her from the harsh weather
and for that time she was protected from the unkind world
But one day a traveler found an enchanting meadow
full of daisies and lilies
and underneath a large shady tree
he found a single rose
captivated by her beauty greed rose within him
he knew he needed her and she too knew she needed him
the rose loved the traveler for wanting her so badly
he promised not to hurt her and to keep her safe
as she allowed him to pluck her
the meadow's magic died
Through both their excitement neither noticed how different
the meadow seemed without her
Even though she felt thirsty for her home
she looked at the traveler with love in her eyes
And he looked at her with love also
Their journey began to near its end
The rose imagined her new life with the traveler
As he placed her in a stunning vase
full of water and babys breath with a shiny bow
encircling her stem
While he walked with vase in hand
The rose looked into his eyes
searching for that addictive love
But the traveler's eyes were yearning for another
with a greater love than she could have ever held
And as her petals began to tint black
they were carried away one by one in the wind
with the pain of her heartbreaking
And through the travelers excitement
for having found this wonderful gift
he never noticed
her tiny little voice
breathe her last
I love you.

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