Dying for forgiveness

June 15, 2008
By Jasmine Gullison, Morden, ME

The memories fade away
What as good has now turned bad
Simple words have cut so deep,
Causing me, making me leave
Keeping strong, i cover up my scars
and forget the past

Secrets flowing
Words creating lies
What was one night has turned into a lifelong regret
Forgive me, give me a chance

Smile, let's forget it
Forget what I once did
Give chances to those who deserve
Especially to those who have been hurt
Laugh, enjoy the moment
You'll miss me and you know it
You can't hide away from me forever

The story changed again,
It never seems to end
The rumors keep on spreading
This pain is never ending
I'm sorry this ever started,
but what has been said is overrated
They've pulled me somewhere i've never been
Into things i don't want to see
They're covering up with something so fake, such as a lie.
Turning me inside out

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