A Walk in the Park

March 9, 2011
By , Belton, MO
The wind runs its cool fingers through my hair,
As I sit outside in this calm, sunny air.
I think about my life and everything within,
I think of memories both of friends and of kin.
What comes to mind is a mixture of emotions,
They arrive slowly and rhythmically like waves of the ocean.

Happiness is the first to arrive,
It brings with it thoughts of home, like bees for their hive.
Home brings thoughts of happier times,
When I was young, innocent, and free of crimes.
Home, when my mom and dad where still united,
Before the flame of anger was ignited.

I long to see them together again,
And soon, the happiness went down the drain.
Happiness is gone, sorrow in its place,
Of all my failures of all my disgraces.
I have made so many mistakes, so many wrongs,
I often find myself asking where I belong.

I am shocked that I find my fists clenched,
It was not sorrow but anger I felt, that I have not quenched,
Why could I possibly be mad?
It may be all the mistakes I have had.
I can't stand to sit much more,
I need to escape this personal civil war.
I stand and walk with no apparent direction,
Hoping to evade this inner reflection.

I remember what I couldn't before,
One thing in this world worth living for.
My son, my daughter, my loving wife,
These are the people that make up my life.
They are my glimmer of happiness in this world of sorrow,
The people who keep me wishing for a sooner tomorrow.
I realize this is what I live for,
I find the answer that ends this inner war.
I gather myself and head towards home,
To get away from being alone,
And to be with the ones that I love.

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