Pages Turned Blank

June 15, 2008
By Emily Gabriele, Monmouth Junction, NJ

A blank page
Doesn’t symbolize my lack of thoughts
Rather, my incapability in portraying them.
Everyone becomes incapable at some time,
Incapable of walking, incapable of running
Incapable of talking, incapable of loving
What a shame, you can’t love
Well then what is it you live for child?
Why do we live?
To find the one we love!
We search for our ‘soul mate’
Our ‘other half’
Our ‘partner in crime’
What crime shall you commit?
Breaking and entering…
Tell me where do you suppose we put people like you?
Those who cannot love -
Do we put you in a room filled with hate?
They say love is in the air, but who are they?
They are wrong, that’s who they are.
Love has left the air and it’s now polluted with hate.
Hate for people who are different
Hate for your mother
Hate for your father
Hate for people who don’t hate
No love left in your heart
It diminishes the problem of the most common internal conflict:
Thinking with your head or your heart
Within your heart you have no conflict
There is no love, there is no problem
Or is there…

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This article has 1 comment.

Momma Gabes said...
on Oct. 27 2008 at 11:50 am
I like this one. Love exists in all different forms. There's love for someone, love for a friend, love for your parents, family, etc. Love of something you like to do, ie. music, writing. You get my drift. Keep on writing! Luv ya


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