Missing You

June 15, 2008
By Jenna Roberts, Battle Creek, MI

As I stood in the dark room
Filled with grief,
Memories of air shows, homemade cookies, and “fun”
Flushed my mind
I kept telling myself,
“It’s not my grandpa..Is it?”
Then I realized, from all the tears and suffering,
It was my grandpa.
I had so much fun with my grandpa
I didn’t believe what I was about to accept.
As the hospital machines beeped,
There was a new tear shed.
The grief from my grandma passing on,
Still pain in my heart.
Now it’s my grandfather suffering.
It was the last time I was going to see him,
And I knew it.
As I walked up to my weary grandfather
And the wobbly hospital bed
I cried.
Knowing exactly what to say
I reached out with comforting hands
Grasped my grandpa with a tight squeeze
And said I love you for the last time.

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