June 15, 2008
Why do I feel the way I do?
I knew from the start that it would be you,
The one who was there,
The one who really cared,
Then you went away, why didn’t you stay?

There had never been a friend like you that I had ever met,
Still through school, you couldn’t separate us yet!

Then highschool came and we went our separate ways,
We tried to contact eachother,
But we wouldn’t have spoken for days
Still you were always there,
The one whom I could always share,

A year goes by and I am waiting for you to call,
We haven’t spoken to eachother at all,

One night comes and we meet again,
I really don’t know what happened to my friend,
You’ve changed your ways,
You don’t even care,
A lifetime of friendship should still be there,
You give me a smile and pick up your phone,
Your smile grows wider from the girl you are talking to,
On your phone,

My heart shatters,
I give a queasy smile,
I ask when we are going,
My mum says in a little while,

I had to get out of there,
I couldn’t show that I still cared,

Is it wrong to do this?
Is it fair?
But for him,
I still care.

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