One Too Many

June 14, 2008
By Alaina Counts, Arcadia, OH

There are one too many thoughts, in my head when I rise; to start a day were love and laughter supposedly lies. One too many smiles seem to grace my face, as I walk through what's surely life's toughest race. One too many friends with problems they can't hide. One too many tears fall slowly from their eyes. One too many times, their pain affected me; so still now my smile doesn't shine as brightly. One too many coincidences throughout my precious day. Even though I do my best to push the negatives away. So now I lay me down to sleep, while others' problems fly; and now I let one single tear grace my sky blue eye. For one too many fears plague me far too deep, and it's one too many nightmares that lay me down to sleep.

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