Letter To A Broken Home

June 14, 2008
By Jessica Space, Albrightsville, PA

Dear mother,
How are you today?
I began letters, but
They all ended the same
Now mother,
There's so much to ask
Did you notice the smile
That I gave you?
'Cause sometimes I think
You see right through me
And mother,
I'll admit that I was wrong
I'm so sorry
I'm standing here with
My heart in my hand
Still mother,
I love you the same
Sometimes I wish
I was back in the womb
I want to crawl up inside you
I need to feel safe again
My mother,
My one and only
Do you miss me too?
I promise to find you
You have lost yourself
I'll take you under my wing
Like you did for me
And we'll fly home

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