March 11, 2011
By , caldwell, TX
In fields of wonder, toil and blunder, is where crookshanks lair lays. silvermate dances and teaspoon glances, enter if you may.

Bottles of caspian lay dead in streets, and bubbles of broil lay cray. On the other side of noon, is where jaberwokke lay.

Tick and Tacker lay in the croil,
sun bowing in their wake.
they traveled up mountains and blumpy clouds, monsters shook in their wake.

Jaberwokke lay sleeping in midmorning noon, the moom waltzed with the sun. Tick twas' with wokke', the summonce upon them

Then Tacker with Crookshanks basks in morning day, and flowers yet did sigh. As the flumber days drew near, the summonce drew nigh.

Battles of crazy flooks made merry, and lazy mays may do. "The summonce draws near my children! Let us do as our ancestors do!"

With shawls of wonder growing ablaze, and fire light dimmed down. Jaberwokke's call sounded and he came a runnin', to the battle arena abound.

But still lay Crookshanks in his lair, he nest of hair bristled to may. Flooks and Flackers had a dagger,to put an end to Jabberwokke's day.

But alas! Did Crookshanks open one eye, when he heard the bass drum call. The plan soon foiled and blood abroiled, Flooks and Flackers did fall.

Alice did come in a traditional maize, her gown to be desired. Her long, blond hair crayled in winds, and her hair was long as wire.

And thick were locks of hair now, for she came back to Wonderland. She traveled through old mazes of the Bloody Red Queen, and through the timely sands.

She ajoined two creatures with sword in hand, then her gleaming broadsword did say. "Let the battle of Crookshanks and Jabberwokke commence, and let the loser lay...

Here in Crookland. where shallow toves burn and fire do know no bounds. In the clackers the failure shall go to spend eternity with the Hellhounds!"

With spoken words the broadsword lay down, and Alice did back away. Jaberwokke stood tall and menacing , and Crookshanks not at bay.

They commenced their battled in morbid laying, the snarling and roaring heard from Bengkok. The farls and fur being thrown everywhere, and their muzzles where locked.

Blood did spatter upon arena walls, and Crookshanks did fall. Now was Jabberwokke's chance, to end it once and for all.

But then the White Queen yelled to "Stop!" "This madness had been enough" She fluttered down from her podium, to call the ruckus to none.

"Put down your weapons of toil, and listen with heed! The Bloody Red Queen is no more, can we just do away with her old deeds?"

It was silent amongst the crowd, and dozen birds lay still. But there was a "BANG!" that sounded in the air...The White Queen Had Been Shot...

To Be Continued

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