The Equivalent of a Work Week

June 14, 2008
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Tree house memories mingle with the present tense,
Sunsets and sunrises meeting in the middle of the sky,
A rosy bloom and autumn leaves
Purpling with glee at smiling airplane shadows;
Gilded embraces parachuting down
Endless blue skies on bird-back, waving
Hello Ocean! Meet the sand!
Camels and lilac fluffs are asleep,
Drifting in hazy clouds
Dancing on gunshots streaming from the sun,
Glasses clinking with bright cherries
In a surreal sort of peace
Completely un-calm
But serene in wiping the mist from the window,
Seeing another penciled silhouette
(Lead compressed to diamond)
Sparkling breezes diving down
Splashed by ladybugs
Blue tarps and yellow slides
And ―oh look, the moon!
Ballooning across a ginormous hole,
(Pondering the existence of ginormous)
A white clay pot strewn across a mud filled pan,
Pies, meet Mag,
Flying and not intending on coming down
Buoyant and helium filled
Dreaming above the tree branch
Revelling in purple;
Happiness is relative.

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