June 14, 2008
Everybody’s talking about violence
But nobody’s talking about love.
Everybody’s cringing at holding hands
But really who cares about germs
Some of us are rising like balloons
Some are sinking like forgotten ships
We’re all silhouettes,
Did you forget?
We’re all just silhouettes.
Nobody understands the sky.
Everybody’s talking about the future
Creating little devices that makes the music louder
Television screens crisper,
But when everyone’s parked in front of it
Who will be looking out the window?
Everybody’s walking down the same path
There’s a bowl of love and a pot of wrath,
Everybody’s stirring his or her own stew
It tastes like me
And it tastes like you.
Please, please tell me that it’s all a dream
Please, please tell me without having to scream.
All of the words come and crash down
Why can’t they hang around?
And make us all hold hands, my friend.
Why can’t we hold hands? my friend.
Everybody’s questioning existence,
practicing resistance, looking in the distance for a light.
Everybody’s jumping off the cliffs harnessed from a rope.
Why can’t we have a freefall?
Why we can’t jump together?
Why do you doubt that wings will spring out from your shoulders?
Everybody’s talking about hate and hate
And the government is dancing in its own debates
And the teenagers are nervous on their first dates
Hoping that it's love.
All I’m really saying is
You’re the chef, and he’s the artist
We’re all the same!
Gardening in the same land
Just waiting for our pretty flowers to appear.
My friend, it’s been a thousand years
A thousand smiles, a thousand tears, a thousand words reaching a hundred ears.
Everybody’s cursing out loud, yelling cause they’re proud to hate
It feels so great
But what about when people die and everyone cries?
We see it all right in front of our eyes.
Our eyes.
Is it really all in our eyes?
I believe in hearts.
I believe in starts.
Why can’t we hold hands? my friend.
this is not the end, my friend.

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