The Teenage Condition

June 14, 2008
By Shannah Cotton, Norwich, CT

I won't let you possess me.
No, not now, not ever.
I will not let you,
Take over my thoughts,
Turn my brain to mush,
Make maturity evaporate.


I have become prey
To your petty dullness.
Feeling the wisedom
And insightfullness,
I had for but a second,
Slip out of my grasp.
Now I am becoming,
Just another one
Of my idiotic,
Hormone-crazed peers.

My mind is full of thoughts.
Does he like me?
Will i get to go to that party with my friends?
Is this shirt "cute"?
They used to make me sick.
Now they are a part of me.
My own worst nightmare.

Oh you.
Evil, evil teenage condition.
Why do you trap me so?

I want to believe i am different,
Then that girl i see.
With the straightened hair,
Make-up on, trendy clothes,
And sparkling FAKE smile.
The one who wears
Reavealing clothes.
For she survives off of
The crude comments,
And ogling eyes
Of the male population.

But I am the same.
Oh so alike,
We are.

I stare at her,
Feeling my hatred and digust
At what she has become;
Wanting to help her.

But when i try to touch my hand
To her made-up face
I feel the coldness of,
My mirror.
How do you help

I hate you,
Oh I hate you very much.
You don't care about
My hopes and dreams
Or who I want to be.
You just go from person to person.
Spreading your disease.

I hate you.
Because you have made me
A perfect example
Of the

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