julian's wallet

June 14, 2008
By Alexandra Piunti, San Jose, CA

julian’s wallet is thin and leather.
there are five bills in it.
three ones, a five,
and a twenty dollar canadian.
the dollar keeps dropping, he says,
it's going to be worth more next month.
he'll probably keep that
canadian money until the apocalypse
renders human currency worthless.
not much else in his wallet.
like i said, it's very thin.
not just the contents, but
the leather too.
it had been his father's.
the mathos boys hadn’t met
since his sister’s wedding.
hadn't left off on too bad a foot, either,
though mr mathos was a bit pissed that
his drunk son had caused a slight ruckus
outside the reception hall.
not a big deal really.
natalie hadn't minded.
she expected that sort of thing from her brother.
jules was the comic relief back then.
now it's a bit different,
now that he’s older and all.
i sort of want him to be the funny one,
and he's pretty funny, too. yeah,
he'd definitely be the comedian here,
if it weren't for the fact that
he seems so damn breakable.

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