Let's Not Sleep Tonight

June 14, 2008
Let’s not sleep tonight.
We can look out my window;
it’s above the gates.
let me know what you think of
the two cars, the ones who
speed through, four times a night,
one closely following the other.
two shiny black cars, engines humming
with the distinctive, not showy rev of a porsche,
the cars that Mommy thinks belong to bad people,
and my brother thinks they’re in the mafia,
and Daddy wants them to shut up,
they’re giving him a headache,
but me? I wave to them each night.
don’t know if they see me.
don’t know if I want them to see me
but I keep waving.
who else will?
So let’s not sleep tonight.
I want someone to look out my window with me.
makes guarding the night
a lot less lonely.

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