I do

June 14, 2008
By Kori Ferro, Framingham, MA

The gazebo is white the flowers are a bloom
At twenty four years old he is the groom
His heart beats quickly he looks all around
The flower girl tosses pink petals all over the ground
The boys knees feel weak and his hands are sweaty
But in his heart he knows that he is ready
The crowd becomes settled as the music starts
Excited to see the joining of two young hearts
Down the aisle the new bride makes her way
She looks lovely for today is her day
The two now stand side by side holding hands
They share a love that will always withstand
The boy speaks out “I wrote my own vow”
The bride is surprised she didn’t know till now
“We were meant to be our love is intertwine
Your smile is contagious your love is mine
Since the day we meet at our little special place
You blew my mind right out into outer space
And when we are apart I look to the sky
I feel so lucky to be considered your guy
Our heat beats as one a simple harmony
My love for you is real that’s no mystery
As we stand in this gazebo outside
I feel so blessed to have you as my bride”
From his pocket he takes the wedding band
He slips it on her finger with his trembling hand
The bride and guests eyes are filled with happy tears
Imaging the two together throughout the years.
The Minster spoke “he wants to be married, do you?”
“I’ve dreamt this day all my life of course I do!”
“Before we go on does anyone oppose? “
The ministered waited a moment but nobody arose .
“With that I know pronounce you husband and wife,
Now you two can go lead a wonderful life!”
Officially married they felt at total bliss
Together they shared marriages first kiss.

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