If you have cause

June 13, 2008
By Elisa Williams, Cottonwood, ID

If you have cause, more so do I
for the bitter poison you taste was grown by your own hand
while I drank of life’s cup, unawares of your taint.

If you are wronged, more so am I
call me a casualty of your war and turn away

It matters not; I have long been your whipping child.

If you can judge, more so can I
for the dammed shall not pass judgement on the innocent.
Soiled, though not by my own crime, for my hands are clean.

If you have pain, more so do I
in breeding your own you cultivate mine; more to spare
Unbeknown hand of hell, whose step leaves all things dead.

If you have hate, stronger is mine.
you lit the fire and let it burn; flames consumed me.
There was no remorse, only fear for your own sake.

If you have grief, more so have I
for I payed a timeless price for crimes I’ve never done
And the one who is to blame, I’ve found I cannot hate

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