The Voice In Your Head

March 11, 2011
By ZenaZee BRONZE, League City, Texas
ZenaZee BRONZE, League City, Texas
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When a soft breeze caresses the cheek
When your feet won’t keep the beat
Every word he speaks will leave you dead
All the lies will go to your head

When the brakes go out in your car
When you wonder how you fell this far

When the tree falls on your home
When the dog won’t fetch the bone
Never let yourself love again
Never make another friend

When you break your leg, once more
When daily life becomes a chore

Everything that’s wrong, you are to blame
You let yourself get caught in his game
The scars on your arm is the only evidence
That everything has been destroyed by his arrogance

Have you lost, all your muses
See the always present bruises

Have you run out of all your hope,
As your day goes down the slope
Faith taken cruelly away
Don’t believe that man but he’s here to stay

Every word he speaks will leave you weak
Never again will you ever speak

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