Just Like Plastic

June 13, 2008
By Ashley David, Terre Haute, IN

silent sobs in the dead of night,
tears she tried so hard to fight.
"not again," she thinks to herself, "why won't these thoughts go somewhere else?"
hide it from the world girl,
never let them know.
what he did to you girl,
never let it show.

She digs the hole deep and shoves the sorrow inside.
She weaves herself a web of lies,
a web spun so well she can fool herself,
so only a happy girl is seen by every one else.
Forget the shame,
never let them know.
feel happiness in place of pain,
never let it show.

His fist connects hard with the wall.
As the plaster crumbles his barriers fall.
It's the same old thing all over again,
fights with his dad that he'll never win.
Control yourself boy,
never let them know.
Hide the bruises well boy,
never let it show.

The alarm clock rings,
the day has begun.
he composes his self, a new web is spun.
hey look the sun is out, so it's not that bad.
think of only good and not your dead-beat dad.

Push it all behind, boy,
never let them know.
only happy thoughts in your mind, boy,
never let it show.

Day by day we all get by,
just pushing all the bad aside.
Spinning well our webs of lies,
faking smiles and short lived highs.

In this world with so many flaws,
we force excitement over things so small.
Our fake smiles, our hidden pain,
facts of life that may never change.

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