Eyes to The Soul

June 13, 2008
By Staci Thornton, Midland, MI

Oh, that look!
Eyes so wide, so far,
as deep as the sea beneath the sun
which illuminates their glow.
Eyes so green, so fresh as the Italian breeze.

Oh that touch!
Your skin, sentiments
keep me wanting more.
The sultry feeling takes my breathe away.

Oh the distance!
Seeing you isn’t enough.
I need to feel your breathe pour unto me like a summer rain,
so warm, refreshing, calm.
Engulf me with your touch, your gaze, your love.
A love so pure, such as the Heavens dense vapor.

Oh the agony!
Waiting for you to let me in.
Seeing your soul, your sweet, sweet soul.
Lush with pure innocence.
Let me in, fear me not.
I can be your barrier
protector from all that wants to harm you.

A soul running, grazing near the wild mustangs in the Isles of France.
Living uncaring, uncontrollable.
Don’t stop them now.
Shh, don’t wake them!
Calm, beautiful, love, lush, refreshing innocence.

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