regaining equanimity

March 11, 2011
By benevolence GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
benevolence GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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why do we say the sky is the limit if we have left footprints on the moon?

wind passes by and my heart
flows with its currents.
i hear it whistle as if
it had something to say to me.
this sound of the wind appears
loud and pointless
but it fulfils the meaning of life.
when the sky is filled with sorrow
its facade grows dark
it sobs
and wails
crating a storm of emotion.
oh, but when it is filled with joy,
its heart is luminous and it shines
as smiles begin to flourish from the earth.
this world is such a beautiful palace in which man
can set foot upon
and never be cast out.
it deeply saddens me to see
what mankind has done his own

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