My Tiny Rowboat

March 6, 2011
By Karmatroll PLATINUM, Delhi, Other
Karmatroll PLATINUM, Delhi, Other
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Why is my boat tied to the post
forced to stay on the shore
why can't it be set free into the seven seas of dreams
float above the mystic blues
with no destination for miles together
i want to fly,i want to float
to reach places nobody's ever been
i want control,i want the rows
in need to steer it in my own path
ready for the thunder and the lightning that lays ahead
not afraid to tumble
because i know i will struggle
i will reach back up
dreaming about the calm blue sea
where a tiny breeze comes and whispers slowly
smell of the sea all around
not afraid to inhale the gust of wind
wondering where will my tiny boat reach
an little isle unexplored,or discover a new city
will it be tossed before it reaches it licks the sand
or will it be welcomed by the cuckoos song
all i can do is wonder
for my boat is tied with a rope
with a vibrant desire to be free

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