I Hope That You Will Dream

June 12, 2008
As you grow older, and your days become long
Encompassed with the worlds hectic ability
I hope that you will stay strong
I hope you will maintain your stability
But most of all
Dreaming is what I hope you will do
Because the world is bound to make you fall
But if you dream, you can make the world fall too
Just dream of being strong
Dream like you used to
Dream like their isn't anything wrong
And don't think that you are ever through
Dream of better things
Dream of better days
But I also hope you will sing
To help fight the worlds evil ways
Singing to help yourself
To help the ill- minded
To help someone else
Because soome people need to be reminded
Of how this world can be
How everyone needs a form of light
A way to make them free
A way to get them through the night
And last, the most important thing
Is that I hope you will remain young
Because there is no end to the happiness a child can bring
How easily "I love you" will roll off their tongue
They aren't afraid to speak their mind
And they can be so easily amused
And they,also, knnow how to be kind
And, unfortunately, all of this is what we lose
A child will dance in the rain
And they will wish,sing, and they will dream
But we will refrain
Worried about what this freeness will bring
All you have to do is laugh, sing, dream, and dance
Allow your soul to be free
If everyone would just take a chance Imagine how our world could be

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