Was it a lie or was it da truth?

June 12, 2008
By Caitlin Kelly, Torrington, WY

Did you love me? Or was it a fluke.

Your eyes were comforting, but now when I look at them they are cold.

How can I live without you, you say you can but … you say you should be alone, you say you can live with out me but …
… but … can you, I know I cant.
Were your words da truth. When I asked you if you really loved me you said “yes”
Will …will you be fine?
While I hold this kunai to my heart, will you turn and walk away thinking and acting like you don’t care.
As I bring it close what will you do? Will you try and stop me or will you laugh and watch what I do, Acting like you don’t care.
As I gasp in pain, I fall to my knees, blood all over me, blood all over the ground.
I feel strong arms wrap around me, is it you,… no its some one else.

They try and stop the bleeding, but cant, their trying to save me. I open my eyes just enough to see you laughing.

Why I loved you, but … I close my eyes and shed a single tear. I open my eyes to some one yelling at you, while holding me close to there heart, just as you once did.
I whisper to then that im tired. They tell me not to go. They pull me closer to there heart, I hear them cry. They tell me “don’t leave, don’t leave me, don’t leave us.”
I go limp. They yell my name over and over while shaking me. Then they stop, look at my and stand up still holding me.
They look at you mad. They yell at you, told you that you could’ve saved me. There hands covered in blood, they don’t wipe it away. They me down gently and yelled at you more.
When you told me it was over I tried not to cry.
I grabbed this bloody weapon and put it to my heart, Right in front of you. You don’t move. You look at me with those cold hearted eyes, as I look in them they say “do it, I don’t care.”

I see you cry. Are those tear’s for me no what… there for some one else not me. That moment. I don’t move; don’t breathe.
One second im alive, the next… you let me do this to my self. There is no need for me here.
You look at me and see a single tear. They told you “ she cry’s at night why… because she loved you.” They pick me up and say “she trusted you…she loved you…she…she” you said “she was a fool, I never loved her… she was pathetic.”
Well I hope your happy…her life was in your hands.” They said and turned away from him with me in their arms.

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