You Left Me Standing

June 12, 2008
By Brittany Miller, Mishawaka, IN

You just got up and left
Didn't even kiss me goodbye
You threw us away
And it's like you didn't care
No expression in your voice
Not a care at all
I really fell in love
And trust me I felt the fall

I gave you all of my heart
I gave you my heart and soul
You told me you loved me too
And crazy me I believed you

I'm broken
I'm lost
Wondering where we went wrong
I'm shattered
I'm torn
Idon't know who to trust anymore
I'm afraid of getting hurt
So I always feel alone
In a crowded group of people
I stand there like a stone

It's hard getting up in the morning
It's hard getting threw everyday
Because you left me without warning
I suffer this pain in every way

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