Damaged For Eternity

June 12, 2008
Bad Territory, head says no, but my heart won’t let it go.
Knowing the pain ahead, yet still falling.
At one moment your there, then another your gone.
No were to be found, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN I fall.
Falling, knowing there is no one to catch me.
GONE, GONE, is what you are. ALONE am I.
Hoping for your return.
As I pray for this, I wish for you to come to your senses and return to me.
I ask my self if you’ll come back, or if I was just another girl in line to fall.
Did my love mean anything to you?
Or was I just an old memory in the making?
WHY, WHY, WHY, do I cry?
WHY, WHY, WHY, did he lie?
That was bad territory, my head said no, but of course I didn’t listen.
Now he’s gone,
And left me with a
Broken Heart, Damaged for Eternity...

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