June 12, 2008
By Connie Espinas, Stafford, TX

there's no more desire for you, that i can attempt
all that remains is a strong feeling of contempt.
now that i look back; cuz of everything you put me through
ive realize it wasn't worth the nights i cried over you.
i've seen that you don't care bout the effects on me; by the things you do
so why should i care about the way that i treat you?
its only "fair" right? if you dont like it; if you disagree...
you should've thought about that before you did me the way you did me.
its funny the way you think; sometimes you're so arrogant
i said i'd put you above others, but thats not the way that i meant.
thinkin that the rules dont apply to you
that's where you're wrong; if anyone they apply to you the most, boo.
i thought this feeling i bled was mutual
now im sitting here like the biggest fool.
but not anymore; i don't need all this
it's my time to stop settling for it.
the more you do; the more i see
the more i wonder, what came over me?
all these accumulated feelings just want to be set free.
it's time to reel my heart back in from the line of jeopardy
cuz its nothing more that you can do for me.
now there's nothing inside but this neutral feeling
as my heart keeps beating as it continues it's healing.
i may be over you; i may not be
but you can do you; cuz i know it's about that time for me to do me.

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