forever and a day

June 12, 2008
By Connie Espinas, Stafford, TX

i love you baby
you know i do
but again I'm scared, to fall for you

last time i did, i ended up broken
you're saying and doing all the right things babe
but u did that too, the other time

so i don't know what to think
i don't know what to do
cuz its here again
I'm begininng to fall for you

i will give you this chance
i can't NOT do it
you've gave me your word
so I'm putting you to it

so please tell me I'm doing the right thing
cuz i don't know what else i can bring
to this table of love
i never put anyone else above
i loved you like I've never loved

i dont know wats got me doin the things i do
yea, its prolly the love I've got for you

here i am again tiptoeing in the red zone
but baby i wanna feel comfortable
i wanna be able to say....
what red zone? this my home.
I'm with the person i love
I'm trusting the one that will put ME above
any and everything
and that's all i ask from them to bring

I'm falling for you
I'm just letting you know
so do what you do
but please baby, this is me trusting you

i love you

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