forever and a day

June 12, 2008
By Connie Espinas, Stafford, TX

i loved you from the first day
i loved you more then words can say.
but its like the seconds ran down on the clock
and it hit me with a shock.
it was like WHOA, what you do to my heart?
looking at my feet and its scattered on the floor; broken apart.
how could i be so high
and fall so hard?
you got me good
you caught me off guard.
i guess it was a lesson i had to learn
but i aint know this is how bad it had to burn.
its the way you made me feel
that let me know these words are real
i went crazy from that day
the day you took those words away
to know that you dont love me
and now its hard for me to see
that what i saw in you was real
but i cant help the way i feel.
you dont know how bad you're missed
i wish it was as easy as this.
i wish i could change your point of view.
wish it was as easy as me saying i love you.
so no matter what you do
i promise this to you.
i wont ever take my love away
ill be here; forever and a day .

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