June 12, 2008
By Connie Espinas, Stafford, TX

i wonder;life
since when did it get so hard?
it use to be so easy to read
now its like everything's out there to impead
it gets in the way of me being where i wanna be
man;it blocks me from being me.

now it feels like i've got too much on my plate.
i think; can i put some back?? Nah, its too late.
so i deal with it the best i can
i cant just leave things hangin; thats the characteristics of a weak woman.

now finally; things are going good, things are looking bright
then outta nowhere; here comes the smoke, fogging up my sight.
all the hardwork added up to nothing
i wonder to myself; am i ever going to amount to something?
i try to brush it off, but its too much weighing on my brain
its like bad luck just falls on me as if its the summer's rain.

i miss it; way back in kindergarden, when life was plain black and white
all i had to worry bout was what to eat and what time to ride my bike.
these days my problems spring up; left and right
now life has its array of colors, the hues of a rainbow
everythings out to get me, and i cant take it no more.

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