One Step Forward

June 12, 2008
By Monisha Sugla, Holmdel, NJ

The time is ending
Its running out fast
I just want everything to last.
Trying not to look forward
So far ahead in the future
Where everything now is just the past.

Everything has been so perfect
There is not one thing I could suspect
But truly it’s so strange to see
How everything turned out to be.

At first I thought this would all be a mess
But, none the less, this turned out to be the best.

It felt like I had a shadow
Right over my head
Where all I would ever do is dread.
But the clouds opened up all the way
To shed some light on my day.

I’m afraid to take a step forward
Where things will all change
Promises will be broken
And things will be left unspoken
But I’m ready for the plunge
Down, deep into the unknown.

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