Red Rover

March 4, 2011
By PBandJilly BRONZE, Long Beach, California
PBandJilly BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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Lets throw away the hate and rock tonight-Kid Dynamite

She spins tiny words around in her mind
The sun goes down when she decides that they're right
It's clear and confirmed, "I'm not worth it, I'm just not worth it"
Its real and repetitious, we're saying "No, you never deserved this"

The walls are so high, we jump to get over
But we fall away from her arms like a game of red rover
When did she start believing that the world was too big?
When did she take that little hole in her and start to dig?

Now there's a feast of love she won't eat
There are colors in the sky she can't meet
You saw the morning as broken, oh but you have to keep waking
Fight off what they say, we're all yours for the taking

The view from up here is oh so captivating
I wish you could see it without hesitating
We never understand how you can run so far away
You used to be the sunshine to everybody's May

Don't let your eyes fade into transparent glass
That look over to me like I've already come to pass
While the picture of all that's wrong radiates around you
I could write a book about all the reasons for you to continue

You start with so much beauty, when you talk light comes out
I can see a blazing fire within you that can't be burned down

You squeeze my hand when the sky is torn
You call after those who are scolded and scorned
With every step you take, you add more to my life
With every ugly remark, well you used to cut it like a knife

Don't for one little second take these lies at face-value
Don't for one day question when and how you want to move

You are worth it, you are so dearly worth it

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