You Never Could Lie

June 12, 2008
By Theresa Hernandez, Sewickley, PA

Is this too much for you?
Doesn’t it hurt to hear the truth?
Then why'd you throw it in my face
Why'd you watch it destroy the place?
Is this too much for you?
Watching me wait for the truth?
I cant help but love you
Let me go
Don’t tell me its only for a while
I know the lies when I see that smile
It cant be so soon
Before I never knew
This would be the end
Of a friendship made of more than friends
You're breaking more than a promise when you say goodbye
This life left alone to realize
Its meant to go along with what passes by
So here’s one last sick little twist
From the stupid mouth
that gave the stupid kiss
I never wanted us to come to this.
Just say goodnight
You'll be alright
Its not really goodbye
You never could tell a good lie

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