Jordans Room Without A Care

June 12, 2008
By Theresa Hernandez, Sewickley, PA

I don't have what they have to give in half’s of wholes that fade in chances not taken, by fools who trust none.
The mind a maze of twisted thoughts bridging gaps of ecstasies and morals wasted on those who need neither to enhance the thrills created by the sirens song whispered at midnight.
These broken windows shards scattered in girls bedrooms where scenes play out to the headphone soundtrack emitted from I-pods old with overuse.
Another town of over-wired, under drugged, self expressing, mirror images of what a nobody should be.
So, I find myself waiting in excess for wishes made untrue by those who hold our fate in their hands dripping with doubt.
My mind winds like the clocks overturned waiting, wanting, turning till the time runs out and we're faced with an end to this humility of insanity broken only by the single lovers lie.

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