9 December 2010

March 3, 2011
By ISayWeCuddleNow PLATINUM, Bartlett, Illinois
ISayWeCuddleNow PLATINUM, Bartlett, Illinois
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"The world needs Christians who don't tolerate the complacency of their own lives." - Crazy Love

Life is full of irony. Life is cyclical. What goes around comes around...and goes around again. Pieces form puzzles and puzzles are broken into pieces. Life is a giant corn maze with no map. A is connected to C through B, and D just got involved. Waiting for a better option when the best just passed. Time relaxes and also tenses. Even if time could freeze, life would still move on. Two train tracks merging. The blare of one drowns the other. One focal point. One hundred distractions. Five hundred. Ten thousand. A room with six walls, no floor, but every wall is a ceiling. A porous ceiling with distractions oozing in. And underneath the weight, the walls cave in. A cave with many tunnels and no way out. A helpless insect on the windshield. Sound. Noise. Clatter. Lights. Colors. Dark. Silent. Two steps forward. Two more. One more. Six steps back. Repeat. Repeat. Dust clouds. No visibility. Wind. Strong. Loud. Storm. Tornado. Twisting. Twisting. Stop. Reverse. Twisting. Twisting. Falling into nothing. Weightlessly heavy. Falling sideways and upward. Fading in and out and running to the horizon. The moon cries sleeplessly through the night. Unseen. Unseen. Dependent. A moving target never gets caught. A still target goes unnoticed. Worlds in a universe. Collision. Chaos. Calm. No, not calm. Crazy. Watching through a one way window. Shattered. The glass cuts. Pieces. Pieces form puzzles and puzzles are broken into pieces. What goes around comes around...and goes around again. Life is cyclical. Life is full of irony.

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