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June 12, 2008
By Theresa Hernandez, Sewickley, PA

The house had only one window
The vines would grow around to form the prettiest frame
She would sit there for hours
The house was never cold
Never could be as she lay in his arms
Smoke and perfume filled the air every night
The woods seemed to find their way into every kiss
And the smell of pine lasted on her hair throughout the day
Lips remembered tastes of turquoise and eyes fell asleep dreaming of the ocean they just swam in without leaving the shore
It was a home of maybes and should be’s
It was a dream that she couldn’t believe was true
Hours of flowers invading her thoughts
Horizons never looking closer or more beautiful then when the moments were shared with him
The stars even danced as if they had a new violinist in the sky to heighten their mood
The world was a massive dance of spinning wonderment
Circling this little house
This one window
Their one love marked mishap
Chances are if you walk by now
Look into that window
It’s colder
A degree or two, but still colder
No more radiance
Vines gone away
The one chair
No longer lovely shared
A single flower upon the sill
A white daisy
A single petal falling
The last promise lost in the winds of change
Walk by the window
They weren’t kidding when they say it stabs like a knife
When you feel that change

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