No Touch

June 12, 2008
Her mind starts to scramble.
Heart races, Hands get all sweaty.
She gets overflowed with emotions.
Only one clear,Confusing Love.
But with one look.
One long look at him and everything gets clear.
she does not know how or why.
Its like he has this power.
Power over everything, and his main target is her.
He graps her and gives her a kiss.
The depth of his love overcomes her body.
He puts his hand on her face.
His warm touch soothes her.
Words 'I love you' come from his month.
she says nothing.
Months go bye, the marks heal.
The pain stays.
Until one day his target fails.
She lays on the floor.
he looks down on her.
tears fall from his face.
the words 'I loved you' are lipped.
She does not move.

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